Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Mecha Front Lynx Print

The prints came in last Saturday and I'm currently in the process of finishing the molds. The last batch of molds is currently setting up and I should have the first couple casts done early tomorrow. Getting the parts in the mail is always the most exciting part of the process as it's a bit like Christmas. It's always a mix of anticipation as I'm excited to finally be able to see how everything comes out but there's also a small twinge of dread as you never know exactly how the design will translate.

Fortunately all the parts came out as expected and the new print material makes for an smoother and more detailed model. I'm really enjoying the smoothness of the new parts and I can't wait to see how everything comes out in the final resin form. At the point of writing this I have the legs, hips and guns successfully cast and they look really clean.  (the molds for the torso parts and feet are still curing)

Another thing that doesn't translate fully until the model is in hand is the size of the model. The light mecha were already big and this one is another 30% taller but seems even larger due to the increased mass in the body and legs. All personal ego aside it's simply awesome to be able to have minis this size, I spent probably two hours simply oohing and ahhing over the parts before I started getting them ready for molding. When the models are this large they begin to feel more like toys then miniatures especially if you get them magnetized and the joints can swivel.

Here's a couple pictures of the prints which have been posed with the help of some sticky-tac.

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