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Most of you guys know that I was connected at one point to a set of models that I was hoping to help set up a line of Robotech miniatures with. I'd posted a bit about it on here but I deleated most of those posts and pictures because people kept reposting my models under the mistaken belief that they were the current prototype pieces being done by Ninja Division.

A fellow forum user brought up an old link found here: which was originally posted on my blog here.

I'd made a statement that was very spot on especially when I look back at it now.
Since then I've heard all sorts of Palladium fanyboys and supporters comment along the lines that I was simply pissed at being dropped from the game or that they suspect I wanted too much money for my work, etc.

First money was never the issue.   (at least on my end)

Lets say if I were approached on a project that required me to work full time for an entire year sculpting a set of 50-60 master models and literally casting tens of thousands of copies I'd easily be bought for a whopping salary of $30k, probably even a good sum less if I were passionate about the project, say one involving a favorite childhood cartoon that I loved so much so that I took the time and effort to make some miniatures for it and promoted the idea for free.  If it's too much to ask for a liveable wage in exchange for working 50-60 hours a week then yeah I'm the bad guy.   :Shrug:

Truth be told I am quite happy working on my Mecha Front project and that never would have happened if I'd continued to work on the Robotech line. Often rejections open new doors of opportunity and that often seems to be the case when things involve encounters with Palladium. Ever hear of a guy named Richard Garfield ?  Sometimes life needs to drop some poo on you in order for you to come out smelling like a rose.

No I probably won't blow up and be the next WOTC but lots of good in the industry has come out of people who have had unfortunate dealings with Palladium. Sometime we need an obstacle to redirect us in a much better direction. Usually that obstacle is in the form of somebody who tries to take advantage of other people's work, or fails to recognize the talents that you can bring to the table, other times it's just somebody who might decide to be a dick for no reason. (Sometimes it's even a combination of all three)

I feel blessed that I ran into an obstacle like that which helped change gears for me. I would have been under very heavy deadlines and had the enjoyment of sculpting sucked out of me and while I thought I'd wanted it at the time ultimately it would have proven to become a soul grinding experience. As an artist I'm fueled by creativity and passion for what I'm doing and that would have quickly become a very empty project.

In the last year I've gotten half a dozen Mecha Front models into production and I have the 7th model currently at the printer, with two additional versions within the next month. It may be a slow process but I'm just a single guy working on a tight budget, not supported by a team of people with a million dollar kickstarter payment.

Somehow despite all the numerous resources at their disposal a certain kickstarter has gotten pushed back by months yet again, who knew?


July 17, 2012
I know that most of your guys probably aren't sifting through my older posts so it's not something that jumps out but I've removed almost all pictures of the 1/285th scale Robotech models.  
The main reason is that I don't want them being used to promote any potential Robotech game. The minis grabbed a lot of attention with potential players, which was fine at the time but now that I won't be involved with the project I want to avoid generating any confusion with new readers.  
I've been getting a lot of emails about the minis asking if they'll still be used, or about what plans might be in place etc. All I can say is that my versions will not be used at all. I have no clue who they might be getting to do sculpts or what quality they might be or even "if" they are going to actually be produced...  
They seemed to be looking for the lower end of industry pay standard so IMO that doesn't bode well for sculpt quality. If they decide to fund it properly maybe they'll get some top notch sculptors, but if they are looking for average or lower pay then the miniatures will reflect that. 
(which is also why I don't want people thinking my sculpts are the ones be developed by Palladium)  
They want a product made as cheaply possible with maximum profit, which is a standard business practice. However my personal feelings are that if you have a well sculpted professional product you will see far greater sales than a run of the mill sculpt that you could get from Reaper or Iron Wind for example.  
I was willing to scrape my teeth in order to get the mini made as it's something I was passionate about. It's a tremendous amount of work to sculpt a 30-40 model range especially if you are trying to juggle a team of freelancers. They may find artists willing to work in that price range but I don't think the quality will be there and the time lag will be massive. I'll be interested to see what type of product (if any) they manage... 
Parting with Palladium at this point is a very good thing, I've gotten some serious notice from other companies and it's generated several sculpting commissions for custom mecha. It's also freed up time to work on my own personal sculpts again. It's going to allow me to focus on my own designs which grants me a lot more creative freedom and personal satisfaction. 


Now because I'm not a total jerk I'd like to give ND some applause for their work, so far has been quite good. Working with Palladium is a job I wouldn't want for anything and I hope John can keep his sanity as I know Kevin certainly doesn't make it easy.

Ultimately why I suspect they decided to find a company like ND is so that they could have their potential partner assume all of the development costs. They likely didn't want to have any upfront investment but would take a percentage of the sales while letting their partner assume all the risks and do all the heavy lifting. I don't know for certain but I suspect that's what drove their choices. The situation is likely great for Palladium as they don't need to spend a dime, but it doesn't seem to be helping much with the delays and production issues.

There's a lot of stink in the waters around Palladium so I'm completely unsurprised at the delays with their kickstarter or the souring attitudes with the backers. Given my personal interactions with Palladium and their long history of fumbling the ball with virtually every project they undertake I saw that shit storm brewing long before the KS was even hinted at.

When you find your obstacles in life remember it may seem shitty at first but it's usually directing you to a much better path.

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